Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Finds: C.Wonder

Happy Friday, everyone! I have been looking forward to this Friday Finds post all week. You see, I am very fortunate to live within ten minutes of one of the top upscale shopping malls in the country - The Somerset Collection. As a result, I am lucky to have many great stores accessible to me. Even so, there are still a few stores that this mall does not have that I have been longing to go to. One of those stores is C.Wonder. I browse the C.Wonder website frequently and am so jealous of all my Instagram friends who can physically shop there. So, imagine my excitement earlier this week when I read that C.Wonder would be opening one of its first Midwest stores practically in my backyard!! Further research informed me that the store is scheduled to open this fall. I still have a few months to wait, but I am SO PUMPED! I thought it would be fun to dedicate this Friday Finds post to C.Wonder. I love the brightness of C.Wonder, and I am particularly loving all the nautical accents the store is currently featuring. So much lake house potential here! C.Wonder is unique as it offers clothing, jewelry, accessories and home decor that is timeless, but with a fresh twist. Check out some of my current favorites below.

Are you loving C.Wonder as much as I am?
Do you have a store in your area?

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  1. I love C. Wonder! The anchor necklace is so cute!

  2. I am LOVING this post! I've been super into the nautical theme lately. The anchor necklace? The bag? I may need to purchase them soon.

    I actually have never been in a C. Wonder as a Chicago girl, but it seems like they have a great selection of clothing and home stuff.

  3. I am also a new C Wonder fan! I was shopping at Easton in Columbus this week and saw a sign that they will be opening a store there!! Yippee!!! Not sure where you are but we go to Easton frequently! Susan

  4. Ahhh! I'm lusting after all of these things right now because I'm on a total nautical kick. And I love that striped sweater! :)

  5. i adore the enamel bracelet! and its probably a good thing that there is no C Wonder in san francisco otherwise i'd be even more broke. :P



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