Friday, September 6, 2013

What to Wear: To a College Football Game

College football season kicked off last weekend, and I could not be more excited! College football is one of the many reasons I love fall. My family has had Michigan State season football tickets for years, and my husband and I can throw quite the tailgate. If you know anything about Michigan State football, you know the tailgate is important! But equally as important as the tailgate is what to wear...

Game day attire differs throughout the country. Here in the Midwest, we're more about comfort (and warmth). I know that in the South it is more common to get dressed up in cute dresses and jewelry - how fun! One of these days, I'd love to experience a southern tailgate party. Since the season is just beginning, I wanted to share some easy, casual ways to dress for game day while still looking chic. I usually opt to wear my alma mater's licensed gear and add cute accessories, but sometimes that gets harder to pull off as the temperatures drop throughout the season. Or maybe you're just not a t-shirt or sweatshirt type of gal. That's okay! There are many ways to show your team spirit and wear school colors without wearing a tee! I've put together four outfits that will get you through the season as the temperatures begin to drop. Obviously, I used the colors of my beloved Michigan State University, but these outfits can all be recreated using your favorite team's colors. I bet you have some of these things in your closet already...

What to Wear: To a College Football Game

Outfit #1:
T-shirt | Wayfarers | Shorts | Sandals
Outfit #2:
Gingham Shirt | Denim | Aviators | Boots | Belt
Outfit #3:
Sweater | Denim | Sunglasses | Flats | Pearls
Outfit #4:
Cords | Chambray | Vest (check stores) | Wayfarers | Scarf | Booties

I buy most of my team licensed gear from the university, but it can sometimes be expensive. Retailers such as Old Navy, Victoria's Secret and American Eagle also sell cute NCAA and NFL attire. I love the vintage style of the Old Navy tee, and you can't beat Old Navy prices! I also love creating game day outfits out of "everyday" items. When I am shopping during football season, my eyes immediately pick up on anything that is the perfect shade of Spartan green, and I have to have it! Focus on wearing one clothing item in your school's main color. Look for things like gingham, solid sweaters and cords that come in a variety of colors. It is likely you will find your team's color. Plus, these items are very versatile and wearable outside of game day. Accessorize with pieces such as a rugby scarf or striped flats (lillybee sells a ton of school colors, and there are bows!). Rugby stripes are such an easy way to show your team spirit! Don't forget to stock up on some fun things too, like waterless face tattoos, earrings and wayfarers (I wish I could pull this pair off).

What is your go-to game day attire?

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