Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shorts under $20

Now that summer is unofficially here, I thought we could take a minute to chat about shorts. It's a scary subject. Up until last year, I never wore shorts. I hated them, and instead, I would live in dresses and capris. A dress is still my fave option for summer, but there are definitely days that wearing one is just not practical...like, when you don't feel like having the wind constantly exposing your booty! And there are definitely days where it is just too hot to wear capris or pants. Enter: shorts. However, my problem with shorts was that they were exactly that - short! I could not find a pair that I felt comfortable wearing. They all were too short and too low cut.
I don't know what happened, but last year I found the Old Navy shorts! These super comfy shorts come in different lengths (I opt for the 5") and in a variety of different colors and prints. If you are looking for a great pair of mid-rise shorts that aren't too short, these are for you! These shorts are the first pair that I felt comfortable wearing! I eased into them last summer with white, black and khaki. This year, I've expanded my collection with bright colors and prints. They are also super affordable, so you can snatch up multiple pairs without breaking the bank! This is important to me, because I just cannot justify spending a fortune on something like shorts, and I like having a few options. When shopping for shorts, my goal is for them to be $20 or less. Target also has great options with a similar fit and style to the Old Navy shorts. Check out my picks for fun summer shorts under $20 below!
Shorts Under $20

It's funny that someone who so recently despised shorts has built such a collection of them! A dress is still my all-time fave thing to wear, but I will definitely be wearing shorts often this summer! They are the perfect thing to pack for the lake house - are they not? My favorite way to wear them currently is with chambray. Surprise, surprise! But seriously, as I am writing this, I am realizing...I kind of love shorts now! Did I just say that?!
What are your feelings towards shorts? Love or hate?
Which pair is your favorite?

P.S. J.Crew Factory also has super cute shorts available in different lengths. Keep an eye out for the next sale, so you can snatch some up at a cheaper price point!


  1. These are perfect! I hate shorts that are too short. I'm 32 and don't need to show too much skin.


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  2. I agree with everything here! I LOVE shorts, but have such a hard time finding a pair that is not too short and doesn't ride up! Great finds! I'll have to check out Old Navy for shorts!

  3. Apparently I need to go to Target for those lovely polka dot shorts. I love the pink ones too! See, I'm the opposite. I love shorts but dresses intimidate me!


  4. I just discovered Old Navy shorts this weekend, and I am in love! Their 7' bermuda shorts and their sweetheart denim shorts are fantastic. I love the ones you featured, too!

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  5. I've worn shorts pretty much my entire life, but thankfully got the low cut short stage over with after my junior year of college. I got at least 6 years out of 4 pairs of jean shorts, which still amazes me to this day. As I got through college, I decided that I could still be comfortable in jean shorts, but that I didn't have to wear ones that made feel bad about myself or project a certain image that I wasn't comfortable projecting anymore, so I discovered mid thigh length shorts. As of right now, still have 1 pair of short shorts that I wear around the house, when I walk the dog, or anything that allows them to be destroyed. I have 2 pairs of white mid thigh shorts and 2 pairs of knee length shorts, one printed and one khaki.

    My 2 favorite places to score on cheap shorts are Aeropostale and Charlotte Russe. I still fit in Aeropostale, so I usually will buy my basic jean shorts from them when they are on sale. I know that I will be able to get a few years out of them, so I won't have to buy new jean shorts ever year. Ditto Charlotte Russe. My favorite places to buy printed and higher quality shorts are from Old Navy, JCP, and Kohl's. I just found those fun J. Crew shorts, which I'm hoping to find for less at one of the places mentioned above. I'm glad you've finally warmed up to shorts, although I need to warm up to sundresses and capris a little more too!

    xoxo Jen

  6. I am loving the target polka dots! I had not seen those before so thanks for the introduction! I also love the Old Navy shorts and have several pair. Thanks! Susan

  7. I'm not a huge fan of shorts--I always think that other when you're riding a bike, a skirt will pretty much always look better than shorts and be just as comfy and functional. Somehow shorts just look either child like or mom like to me.

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  8. this post is perfect timing! i just swung by j.crew factory to try and grab some on sale and i couldn't believe the pricing... $58.50 for denim shorts, and even with the sale they were still almost $40. will be stopping by old navy and target asap!

  9. Love the pink from Old Navy! I just swooped up some great colors from J.Crew Factory this weekend. Can't go wrong!

    xo, -Elizabeth

  10. I am a dress gal. I wear a dress or skirt pretty much all summer. In Texas it gets really hot during the summer and I always think to myself this is the summer I am going to buy shorts but I always conclude they are too short. This weekend I am going to try on a pair when I hit the stores for a little shopping.



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