Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memorial Day BBQ Necessities

Happy Wednesday! Memorial Day Weekend is even closer now! Can you tell I am excited for a four day weekend?! I am so lucky to have a holiday from work on both Friday and Monday, so tomorrow IS my Friday! Yippee! Earlier this week, we talked about what to wear to kick off the summer. I styled some outfits to keep you looking chic all weekend long! I am still thinking about that striped maxi dress. Love that one! As we inch closer to the holiday weekend, I put together some necessities for a fun-filled and stylish Memorial Day BBQ!

As you know, I have "lake house" on the brain almost 24/7 these days. It's a nice distracter from the closet remix challenge (10 more days...not that I'm counting or anything). As I am planning decor, I am also planning what I will need to host BBQs with family and friends. You do not need to go crazy, but a couple of bright colored and decorative pieces will go a long way. For instance, cute placemats and lanterns or string lights do a lot for the setting, but do not break the bank. Additionally, as someone who has hosted many outdoor parties and tailgates in the recent years, I have gotten an enormous amount of use out of my flatware caddy. Again, it doesn't break the bank, but it is a stylish way to set out your flatware and napkins. Bonus - it also keeps the napkins from blowing away in the wind! That's so annoying, right? You want to be enjoying yourself, not picking up napkins all the time! But of all the items I have, the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker is the most fun! We received this as a wedding gift, and it really does make the perfect frozen margarita! No lie. It blends the ice gradually into the pitcher, so it is the perfect consistency. Although pricey, it is worth it! We are excited to move this fun guy to the lake house soon! Lastly, I am loving that condiment set from Target! So cute and fun (and on sale)!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?
What are your necessities for a BBQ?


  1. I think I stumbled upon this blog from pinterest! Loving it so far especially some of the fashion posts and J Crew for less! I too will be headed to my lake house this weekend in PA and enjoyed this post and will probably be hitting up the J Crew factory store on the way there :)

  2. Hi Meghan, I am Ada. I found your blog last week through one of the link-ups & you've got a new fan. =) I love this post. I like posts like these filled with great tips & advise. The one about Wedding Season Wear was great, too. I must say I also LOVE YOUR STYLE. Smart (savvy too) and Stylish - a Great Combination.

    I just want to let you know that I run a Special Feature every Sunday where I feature Favorite Looks. I am providing the link below. You should check it out because last week I featured you on it as well.

    Last but not least I would love for you to check out My Blog & support My Blog by following as well. Thanks so much, Ada. =)

  3. I think I will make home made ice cream on Monday. I try and do that every year. My boys love it.


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