Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to Wear Neons: Part Two

On Monday, we started talking about the neon trend. Neon colors are seriously everywhere right now! Almost every store is full of neon accessories and clothing. How to Wear Neons: Part One featured neon accessories as a comfortable and subtle way to ease into the trend. For Part Two, we get a bit more adventurous with neon clothing!  So, how do we wear neon clothing without looking like a glo-stick?

1. Wear it with neutrals. Pick a neon top or bottom and keep everything else neutral.
It gives you an effortless look, but still captures the attention with the vibrant pop of color.

How to Wear Neons with Neutrals

2. Try pairing neon with stripes. Simple black/white or navy/white stripes work best.
Keep the neon as the bold part of the outfit.

How to Wear Neons with Stripes

3. Be extra bold and try neon on neon. But, don't go too crazy.
Include something to break it up. Neon works well with denim or chambray.

How to Wear Neon on Neon

I used to be afraid of color a few short years ago, so who would have ever thought I would be blogging about neons and LOVING it?  Whether you choose to just accent with neon accessories or go all out with neon on neon, just have fun with it!  I know I am!

What is your favorite piece of neon clothing? How do you style it?

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  1. Wonderful tips! Such a huge fan of neon!

  2. Such cute looks! Thanks for the inspiration! I think my favorite it pairing neons with stripes, but then again I love ANYTHING with stripes! :)

  3. I just recently wore my bright yellow jeans with a chambray shirt, and it totally looks like the outfit in that collage.
    Love this, thanks for the inspiration!
    I'm so ready for bright colors and warmer weather. :)


  4. Great post! Althought it makes me want to shop :O)I love neons with stripes because, let's be honest, stripes are a neutral nowadays!

  5. I've already hopped on the neon + neutral bandwagon, but I definitely need to do some more neon + stripes. These outfits are too cute. Thanks for the advice!


  6. Great post. Love it!!! Visiting from the link up. Don't forget to link up to my show me your favorite spring trend link up and enter my giveaway for a $300 gift card to Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic.


  7. This makes me smile. I love neon with everything :)



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