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My Favorite Accessory: The Watch

If you know me (or follow me on Instagram), then you may know that I have a watch obsession. It is definitely one of those items I choose to splurge a little on. I consider them staples in my wardrobe. Not because I spend more on them, but because of the amount that I wear them. I wear a watch every single day. It is one of those things that adds some instant glam to your outfit. It is also the start to a pretty great arm party! I have posted before about how I strive to have a balance between more expensive pieces and affordable pieces in my attire. One of the ways I accomplish that is with the watch. If you are on a limited budget, a go-to budget tip is to invest in accessories. They can bring a whole new look to your outfits, plus you can wear them year-round and many different ways.

The Watch that Started it All

Michael Kors Quartz, Mother of Pearl Dial Acrylic Clear Band 
(Style MK5235 - hard to find)
My obsession started with my first Michael Kors watch purchase a couple of years ago. At the time, everyone was buying the oversized, white Michael Kors watches, but I wanted something different. So instead, I ordered a Michael Kors watch with a clear band during one of Nordstrom's semi-annual sales. At the time, I had not seen anyone wearing that style, so I was excited. I was also loving the gorgeous mother of pearl face. Once it arrived though, I almost returned it. You see, I have very small wrists (we're talking child size here), so the watch just felt so large and ridiculous on me. But, it was the style. THANKFULLY, I did not return it. I got used to it fairly quickly, and then my watch obsession was born! Shortly after that came the Michael Kors tortoise watch and then the Marc Jacobs gold watch, which both immediately became staple pieces on rotation in my wardrobe.

The Tortoise Watch

Michael Kors 'Jet Set' Bracelet Watch
(Sale Alert - Amazon for only $180!!)
I got the Michael Kors tortoise watch the following year. I found it on sale at the Michael Kors store at my local mall, and the retail associate "talked me into it", or at least that is what I tell my {now} husband ;) I consider it one of my best purchases (right up there with my Hunter boots). Not only did I somehow find this now super popular watch on sale, but I have found it very versatile because it is so neutral. I used to think this watch was more of a fall accessory, but I could not have been more wrong. This watch can definitely be worn during all four seasons. I love wearing it with navy and white during the summer, particularly. It often fights with my gold watch for those outfits.

The Classic Gold Watch

Marc by Marc Jacobs via Nordstrom
I finally got a gold watch last summer. Again, I scored it on sale at Nordstrom. I cannot get enough of this watch! I do not know how I lived without it. Okay, that is a bit dramatic, but I do wear this watch the most! I do not think I need to say that it goes with everything - but, it does! Of all the watches, this one adds the most glam to my everyday look.

My Most Recent Purchase

Kate Spade Cooper Strap
Since I am averaging a new watch per year, I was due for a new watch in 2013. I purchased this Kate Spade watch for 20% off from Piperlime with a recent promo code. Of course, I am obsessed with this watch too! At first glance, you may think it is less versatile or more of a trend purchase. However, the style of this watch is definitely classic. The color can actually be paired with a variety of colors - white, navy, pink, black, yellow. I will most likely wear this watch three out of four seasons (skipping fall), and more heavily during the spring and summer. I love that it is a very different style and look than my other three watches.

Clearly, I am building a collection here, but I have yet to buy a watch at full price! It is my rule. There are numerous times you can find designer watches on sale. My favorite is during the Nordstrom semi-annual sales, which is where I have found the best deals. Macy's will also occasionally have them on sale, or websites like Gilt and Rue La La will feature them - you just have to be patient and watch. Another place many people do not think to look is Piperlime. Chances are they probably have the watch you are eyeing, so next time there is a promo code, use it! You could also try eBay or Poshmark for gently used options.

If the sales are not popping up or you just cannot find the right deal, there are also ways to get the looks for less:

Get the Looks for Less

(Left to Right) Breda - $35 // Fossil - $105 // Fossil - $145 // Target - $60

A watch is something you will wear for years. Not to wear this out, but remember the "price per wear" rule? Yeah, the watch is an overachiever! A true staple in my book.

Others that I am loving:

Spring Watch Inspiration

1. Urban Outfitters // 2. Target // 3. Kate Spade 
4. Fossil // 5. Fossil // 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs // 7. Michael Kors

It is funny because I do not exactly wear watches for their intended purpose of telling time. There have been numerous occasions where I have realized that I did not appropriately change the time on my watch. It is definitely an accessory for me rather than a tool. Instead, I use my iPhone to see what time it is - silly! I will have to remind myself to change my watch this weekend for Daylight Savings Time!

Are you as watch obsessed as I am? Or do you have a different jewelry staple you cannot get enough of? I would love to hear what your favorite accessory is!


  1. I'm IN LOVE with your posts girl! So well planned and coordinated. Amazing work finding the budget watches that look almost identical to the high-end ones! I just began my collection with a rose gold Marc Jacobs, and also have watch fever now... I'm just starting to join the arm party trend. But your post has inspired me to do so!


    1. Thanks so much, Elissa! Love the rose gold! I am kind of new to the arm party trend, too, but it is so much fun! Glad you're going to join in on the fun! :)


  2. I love your watches!! I am in the market for a gold watch and had originally gotten the Michael Kors Oversized Runway Watch for Christmas, but returned it because it looked ridiculous on my wrist. I'm convinced it was actually a man's watch! I know that's trendy, but I cannot pull that look off! :) Your newest addition is gorgeous and a great addition to your collection! Kate is always classic:)

    1. Thanks, Renee! I would definitely check out Marc by Marc Jacobs for a gold watch - love them! :)


  3. I love all these watches. I've realized that I'm horrible at reading time on these watches but love them for the stackability. Ha! Is that even a word?

    Pigtails and Pearls

    1. Thanks, Elvy! That is exactly how I am!! I say it's a word, haha ;) Love it!


  4. Loveeeeed this post! We have the exact same taste! (Turquoise Kate Spade watch!) And I love your watch collection! How awesome is that clear one? Watches can totally make the outfit!

    I too am obsessed with Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. :) I was kind of laughing to myself when I was reading about how you only buy watches when you have a promo code or a sale is going on, because I do the exact same thing!! I recently got two stackable coupon codes at Piperlime to buy the pink bow watch from Kate Spade. Piperlime is my favorite! My latest obsession is watches with white leather straps. I'm going to save and hope for a sale. ;)

    Speaking of sales, there is apparently a friends and family sale going on on Friday (??) and the necklace should go down to something like $60, which is how I ended up with it!

    I posted one wedding project, and I'm going to post lots more this weekend when we go down to the shore! So awesome that you loved the planning process... So many people say it's a drag but I love it! Happy to hear married life is wonderful :)

    Okay, maybe I will try for May for the remix challenge. Something tells me I'm not strong enough for it, though. Hehe!

    Have a great day!!


    1. Thanks, Kelly! We are definitely a lot alike :) I am in LOVE with that pink Kate Spade bow watch! It's on my list!! Thanks for letting me know about the friends and family sale - usually I get emails. I will check out that necklace - what a deal!! We can support each other during the remix challenge! It will be so tough, but I said May because I feel like I will be settled in and have purchased enough spring/summer pieces to get me through ;)

      Hope you had a great day!!


  5. I love Marc Jacobs watches too, pricey but well worth it. I love how you stack bracelets, great looks

    Found you on My Thrifty Chic bloghop



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