Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let's Make a Statement (for Less)!

I used to be afraid of accessories. I had no idea how to wear them. Now, I cannot get enough of them, and I strongly believe that they are the most important detail in putting together an outfit. I am especially loving statement necklaces. They are the perfect way to add some sparkle and flair to an otherwise simple outfit. It almost makes putting together an outfit easier. Throw on something basic and add a statement necklace, and you automatically look more put together and stylish. 

The {big} challenge with statement necklaces is the cost. They tend to be on the more expensive side, especially when your heart loves the J.Crew ones as much as I do (still hoping this beauty is my Valentine's Day or birthday gift). I am always on the hunt for something more affordable, so I thought I would share some statement necklaces I have found for $40 or less. Ok, so maybe #1 and #3 are technically $44, but they were too pretty to pass up, so I rounded down. It was definitely harder than I thought it would be, as my original goal was $30 or less! True statement necklaces that are budget-friendly appear to be a rarity! 

{1} Piperlime - $44 {2} Piperlime - $34 {3} Piperlime - $44
{4} Forever 21 - $12.80 {5} Etsy - $40 {6} The Limited - $32.90
{7} Nordstrom - $32 {8} Luxe Craving - $40 {9} Baublebar - $38

We also cannot forget the ever popular bubble necklace for a statement piece. My go-to for budget-friendly bubble necklaces is featured in the J.Crew Look for Less, Part One post!
I definitely think it is important to keep your look simple and sleek when you are wearing a statement necklace. I like to let the necklace make the statement.  It is called a "statement" necklace, after all. I love that you can style it with something as casual as chambray or a t-shirt to something like a little black dress. When I wear a statement necklace, I keep all other accessories to a minimum. I don't wear earrings, and depending on how much of a "statement" I am making, I usually just wear a watch. I love a stacked wrist about as much as I love the statement necklace, but together they are too much, in my opinion.  What do you think? How do you include a statement necklace in your look?

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I almost bought the #4 today. This makes me want to go back for it!

    1. It is definitely a steal! The style of the necklace reminds me of the J.Crew Crystal Circle Necklace. I love a good look for less ;)

      xoxo Meghan



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