Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Finds - The Forever 21 Edition

I think somewhere around my mid-to-late twenties I decided I was "too old" to shop at Forever 21.  I completely dismissed the store and did not go in one for years. I am not entirely sure why, but I felt like I needed to shop at more "mature" stores (whatever that means). This all goes back to not knowing how to shop for myself. I would spend way too much money on only clothes for work, and I would not have anything fun to wear casually, on the weekends or to go out with friends. Even once I learned how to take something "from day to night" and buy more versatile pieces that I actually enjoyed, I still was dismissing Forever 21.  It was not until recently that it entered my life again.  I have been browsing the shop online for the past few months and have discovered that there are some great (and cheap) finds! Sure, some of the stuff is totally geared toward the 18 year old, but there is definitely not a shortage of items that I would feel comfortable wearing. It is a great place to get some fun, trendy pieces without spending a fortune. For instance, I am just loving their blouses! 

I thought I would brighten up this cold February day with some fun, spring "Friday Finds" at Forever 21. I am planning to do some shopping and check out these items (and more) this weekend. What do you think? How old is "too old" to shop at Forever 21?

Friday Finds - F21 Edition
1. Studded Doctor's Bag - $39.80 / 2. Pintucked Pleats Shirt - $24.80 / 3. Polka Dot Sweater - $18


  1. These are really cute finds! I love Forever 21 for the quick and affordable solutions. Like the crazy pair of printed tights that can only be found in this store. Great picks!


    1. Thank you so much! I am loving your blog! Adding you to Bloglovin :)

      xoxo Meghan



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